ECE 598MR: Statistical Learning Theory (Fall 2015)

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Since this is an advanced graduate class, the grade will be based entirely on homework. There will be several written homework assignments, which will be released every other week or so.

Format and submission instructions. Homework solutions must be typeset in LaTeX (no handwritten or Microsoft Word submissions will be accepted!) and converted to PDF. Be sure your name appears at the top of your homework. The name of the homework file should be lastname_firstname_homeworkX.pdf (where X = the number of the current homework).

The files will be submitted through Compass 2g. Upload instructions:

  1. Log into and go to Fall 2015 ECE 598 - Statistical Learning Theory - Section MR.
  2. Select Course Content from the left column.
  3. Select Homework X (where X is the number of current homework) from the list.
  4. Upload your PDF report as an attachment.
  5. Hit Submit.
Multiple attempts will be allowed, but only your last submission before the deadline will be graded. We reserve the right to take off points for not following directions.

Late policy: No late submissions will be accepted. If you have a compelling reason for not being able to submit the assignment on time and would like to make a special arrangement, you must send me email at least a week before the due date (any genuine emergency situations will be handled on an individual basis).

Academic integrity: Feel free to discuss the assignment with each other in general terms, and to search the Web for general guidance (not for complete solutions). All solutions should be written up individually. If you make substantial use of some information from outside sources, be sure to acknowledge the sources in your solution. At the first instance of cheating (copying from other students or unacknowledged sources on the Web), a grade of zero will be given for the assignment. At the second instance, you will automatically receive an F for the entire course.