ECE 534: Random Processes (Fall 2015)

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Your final grade in ECE 534 will be determined according to the following point weighting formula:


Written problem sets will be assigned (roughly) every other Tuesday, to be handed in on Thursday of the following week, within the first 5 minutes of class. No late homework will be accepted (unless an extension is granted in advance by the instructor). Collaboration on the homework is permitted, however each student must write and submit independent solutions. There will be 5 points of extra credit for anyone who typesets their homework using LaTeX.


You may bring one sheet of notes to the first exam, two to the second exam, and three to the final exam. You may use both sides of the sheets, the sheets are to be standard US or European size with font size 10 or larger printing (or similar handwriting size). The examinations are closed book otherwise. Calculators, PDAs, smartphones, laptop computers, tables of integrals, etc. are not permitted.