ECE 586: Coursework

Your final grade in ECE 586 will be determined according to the following point weighting formula:

Written problem sets:

(all problems are taken from the
lecture notes)

Final project:

Format and submission instructions.

You are strongly encouraged to typeset your homework submissions using LaTeX (if you do not know LaTeX yet, now is as good a time as any to learn it -- you will need it in grad school anyway). If you opt for handwritten submissions, make sure that they are legible -- if we cannot read it, we cannot grade it! All submissions will be done through Gradescope. Multiple attempts will be allowed, but only your last submission before the deadline will be graded. We reserve the right to take off points for not following directions.

Course policies:

Late submission policy:

Academic integrity: Feel free to discuss the assignment with each other in general terms, and to search the Web for general guidance (not for complete solutions). All solutions should be written up individually. If you make substantial use of some information from outside sources, be sure to acknowledge the sources in your solution. At the first instance of cheating (copying from other students or unacknowledged sources on the Web), a grade of zero will be given for the assignment. At the second instance, you will automatically receive an F for the entire course.