ECE 563: Information Theory (Fall 2017)

Maxim Raginsky (maxim at illinois dot edu)
Teaching Assistant
Jaeho Lee (jlee620 at illinois dot edu)

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About this course

What is this?
ECE 563: Information Theory is a graduate-level introduction to the mathematics of information theory, with emphasis on modern non-asymptotic techniques and information spectrum methods. We will also discuss various connections/applications to computer science, statistics, and machine learning.
Required readings will be drawn from:
Grades will be based on regular written homeworks (30% total), two midterms (20% each), and a final exam (30%).

Regular weekly schedule

Tue Thu 12:30–1:50pm, 2015 ECE Building
Office hours:
instructor Tue 3:00-4:00pm, 162 CSL
TA Tue 4:00-6:00pm, 141 CSL
Due Thursdays, by the end of the day, uploaded to Gradescope Compass (details to follow soon).
Homeworks are released at least one week before the due date.
Under normal circumstances, graded homework should be returned within 10 days of submission.